20 North Hill Noodles

Egg noodles stir fried with prawns, roast pork, chicken and mixed vegetables 11.50

22 Beef in Black Bean Ho Fun

Sliced beef, peppers and onion in a black bean sauce laid on a bed of ho fun noodles, topped with fresh chilli12.95

23 Vegetable Noodles

Fine rice noodles stir fried with asparagus, pak choi and mixed seasonal vegetables veggie 10.95

24 Chilli Udon *New Recipe

Asparagus and shitake mushrooms stir fried with udon noodles in a hot peanut, chilli and garlic sauce veggie10.95

25 Singapore Noodles

Fine rice noodles with roast pork, chicken, prawns and mixed vegetables in mild curry spices 10.95

27 Chicken Satay Noodles

Chicken breast pieces in a rich peanut satay sauce with peppers and onion on a bed of fine rice noodles


29 King Prawn Pad Thai

Flat Thai rice noodles stir fried with king prawns, mixed vegetables and fresh coriander.  Topped with crushed peanuts and fresh lime wedges.12.95

31 Rendang Chicken Noodles

Pieces of chicken in a mild and creamy Malay coconut curry with peppers and onion on a bed of egg noodles  12.75

33 Black Pepper Beef Udon

Udon noodles stir fried in a buttery black pepper sauce with sliced beef, peppers and onion 12.95

34 Char Kway Teow

King prawns and fresh chilli stir fried with ho fun noodles in a spicy chilli and garlic sauce 12.95

Soup Noodles

43 Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup

Pieces of chicken stir fried with onion and fresh chilli, served in a clear ramen noodle soup with pak choi and bean sprouts 11.50

45 Tom Yum Soup

The Noodle Bar take on the classic Tom Yum Goong, with king prawns and fine rice noodles in a hot and sour soup.12.95

46 Tofu & Vegetable Noodle Soup

Tofu, asparagus, mixed seasonal vegetables and bean sprouts with fine rice noodles in a classic miso soup. 10.95

47 Chicken Laksa

Chicken pieces in an Indonesian coconut curry pot on egg noodles and bean sprouts 12.75

48 Beef Pho

Fine rice noodles topped with sliced beef, fresh bean sprouts and coriander, sat in a bowl of classic Vietnamese beef broth12.95


50 Chilli King Prawns

Lightly battered king prawns cooked in a sweet chilli sauce with peppers, onion and fresh chilli, served with egg fried rice 13.50

51 Sweet & Sour Chicken

Classic Cantonese sweet and sour chicken, with mixed peppers, pineapple and onion, served with egg fried rice 11.25

52 Roast Duck

On a bed of pak choi, topped with sweet soy sauce, served with egg fried rice 14.25

53 Thai Red Duck Curry

In a Thai red curry, with cherry tomatoes and pineapple chunks, served with steamed rice.14.25

54 Barbeque Roast Pork

On a bed of pak choi, topped with sweet soy sauce, served with egg fried rice 12.25

56 Vegetable Rendang

Asparagus, broccoli, carrots and mixed beans in a mild and creamy Malay coconut curry, served with steamed rice veggie10.95

57 Thai Green Chicken Curry

Pieces of chicken breast in a classic Thai green curry sauce, with peppers, carrots and coriander served with steamed rice 11.95

60 Nasi Goreng

Spicy Malaysian fried rice with king prawns and chopped peppers, topped with an omelette, and garnished with fresh coriander and chilli12.95

62 Kung Po Chicken

Chicken coated in a sundried chilli and spicy toban sauce, garnished with peanuts, served with egg fried rice 12.95


1 Sesame Prawn Toast

Four classic prawn toast triangles, served with a thai sweet chilli dip 5.25

2 Steamed Pork Bun

Two fluffy Asian pork buns served with coriander, chilli and bbq sauce5.25

3 Sticky Ribs

Pork ribs covered in a tangy barbeque sauce 5.95

4 Hot Wings

Chicken wings stir fried with spring onion, garlic and fresh chillies 5.75

5 Butterfly King Prawns

Six lightly bread crumbed king prawns, served with a sweet chilli dip 6.50

6 Vegetable Rolls

Five mini crispy spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables, served with sweet chilli dip veggie4.50

6a Vietnamese Chicken Spring Rolls

Four Vietnamese rice paper wrapped parcels filled with chicken and vegetables 5.40

7 Pork Dumplings

Four minced pork and chive dumplings, steam cooked and lightly grilled in the wok 5.70

8 Spicy Squid

Lightly battered fried squid, coated in spicy peppercorn salt, stir fried with garlic and fresh chilli 6.50

9 Satay Chicken Skewers

Four skewers of marinated chicken covered with a peanut satay sauce 5.75

10 Hot & Spicy Tofu

Diced, fried bean curd, stir fried with spring onion, garlic and chilli 4.75

10a Edamame

Steamed edamame beans with sea salt veggie4.50

11 Pak Choi

Traditional Chinese greens, streamed and topped with a vegetarian oyster sauce and fried shallots. 4.95

13 Hot & Spicy Ribs

Pork ribs tossed in a spicy peppercorn salt with garlic and fresh chilli 5.95

13a Asparagus Tempura

Lightly coated asparagus, sprinkled with peppercorn salt, garlic and fresh chilli veggie5.95


14 Spicy Prawn Crackers


15 Egg Noodles

Stir fried with bean sprouts, carrot and onion veggie3.85

16 Steamed Rice


17 Egg Fried Rice



Belgian Sweet Waffle

With a generous helping of real vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis. 4.95

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate chip brownie served with thick creamy vanilla ice cream 4.95

Coconut Ice Cream

Dairy coconut ice cream, topped with roasted almonds 3.75

Passion Fruit and Mango Sorbet


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At the North Hill Noodle Bar we have created a dining experience which fuses traditional Asian ways of cooking delicious, fresh and nutritious ingredients in an efficient, friendly and contemporary setting.

Our menu is designed into main meals and side dishes changing the way you sit down for a traditional 'Chinese meal'.

Upon order, your meal is cooked immediately for ultimate freshness, using the best ingredients - many sourced locally.

Due to the efficient delivery of food to your table; whether you're 'express dining' or having a more relaxed evening, you'll enjoy excellent food in stylish surroundings and soon be counting yourselves as 'one of our regulars'.

We look forward to seeing you soon...

Notes on our menu...

This symbol veggie denotes suitable for vegetarians.

Please note all dishes are prepared in a peanut, sesame and gluten
environment. If you have any specific dietary requirements or any food
allergies please notify your server prior to ordering.

Take out is also available